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About the Author

Who is George Bariames? Musician, addict, entrepreneur, author, felon, writer, speaker, survivor, motivator, philosopher? Is he any of these or all of them? Is he a poet or a menace? A genius or a buffoon?

Arise From The Abyss: Rebuilding Life After Hitting Absolute Bottom is the debut release from modern-day philosopher, George Bariames. In late 2002 and early 2003, Bariames witnessed the systematic decline and destruction of everything he held dear in life due to extreme addiction. This included the death of his wife, incarceration, the death of his father, and losing custody of his only son.

His daily existence in The Abyss led to extreme depression and thoughts of suicide. Being morally opposed to suicide as a Greek Orthodox Christian, he searched for a way to bring meaning to his life and to bring hope to those encountering deep depression in their own Abyss. His focus and outreach are to shed light on those who have truly “gone dark” – the addicted, the widowed, the incarcerated, and the lost souls buried underneath a mountain of sorrow who no longer see the point of living.